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Let it go

Vibrational Match

Your peace is the most important because you could drive yourself crazy trying to figure out why things happened to you! Know whatever did happen to you; no matter what it was, you were a vibrational match for it to happen. You are the creator of your reality. Letting go is the key!

We all have to delve back in that past and come to the realization of why said thing happened. It didn’t happen to you it happened because you had the belief it could happen to you.

Letting Go & Stop Dwelling

Things will happen bad in your life when you are constantly throwing out those negative vibes and thinking why me, why did this happen to me? Are you a dweller??? STOP IT!

Honestly, we would all live a happy peaceful life if we would let those negative thoughts go! You don’t have to worry when you have them just know how to let it go once it does creep in. If you realize that bad thought as soon as possible and shift the mindset to positive quicker it won’t gain momentum. Because once you have the belief that could be you, then its what’s going to happen.

Like for example, quit dwelling on an almost car accident you could’ve been in and don’t say damn that could’ve been me. Because guess what, that’s you now! Maybe not that day but soon that will be you down the road because you believe that could happen. Just let it go!!! Don’t keep your focus on it!

Using a Secret Shifter

You got this! We all falter on days. Some days something will get to me and get me in that negative thought space but because I have tools in my arsenal to shift my mindset, I’m able to get out of that negativity and shift to a more positive outlook quicker. One day at a time!
Have an amazing day. Also, remember to find your secret shifter:) I did a blog on this a couple of months ago. It’s something that always makes you feel good feeling thoughts. It could be music, reading, watching a motivational vid, anything you can think of. I pet my cats and that makes me insta-joyful!

What’s your secret shifter? Think about it and then use that the next time you have a bad day!

Live Love Laugh,


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    • Twylight Solutions

      Omg!!! I am so happy I was able to motivate you to get out of bed!! I am grateful that you shared your story with me and thank you so much for letting me know. Honestly, you have no idea how much you made my day today!!! Sending you much healing light your way!

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