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Just Be It To Do It To Have It: In that exact order

You have to focus on what you want in life and in business and visualize you already being it. If you want to let’s say be a successful YouTuber and Blogger. You have to live life-like you already are because in another dimension you already are but that’s for another day. 

Right before bed each night do your meditation and as you are meditating see yourself being that person. Imagine yourself being a content creator really intend for this to be you! 

Intention & Consistency

The Intention is Key in all of this, but then you have to take action towards it. 

So if you are not in a place where you would be able to be what you want; make little changes here and there. Consistency is Key as well!!

Do not plunge into the deep end head first if you don’t know how to swim, that’s not what I’m saying baby steps. Put on some water wings first and then start heading into the water. BUT WHAT YOU MUST NOT DO IS KEEP THEM ON!

Baby Steps

Once you make those baby steps they should add up to a huge step and then take those water wings off and swim til your heart’s content. 

I’m using the water wings as an analogy to lets say such as you don’t want to go live on Social Media. Ok, I get it you’re not comfortable (which is really the bs we tell ourselves to diminish our own light) but ok:)

So make videos everyday by yourself for one whole week!!! Take as many takes as you need and make videos let’s say chatting about your business. None of these will probably ever see the light of day and that’s ok! JUST BE IT!!!

Guess what, after that week of chatting about your business to yourself in the camera you’ll be ready within one week to go live!!! YOU GOT THIS!!! Anymore than that and you’re procrastinating!! Where has that ever gotten any of us? Do not forget to watch yourself back. You have to get to know you before others will know, like, and trust you 

You need to lead this journey with your heart!! Your heart is the most power energy you have in your entire body. So when you do your affirmations and meditations, make sure to put your hands over your heart. It’s very powerful. I also do this when I say what I’m grateful for as well. 

You Can Be, Do, Have Anything 

Are You Being the Person You Want to Be??? Let Me Know Your Beliefs Below. Remember the Word, Story is Just that It’s a Story!!! You Can Change that Story at Anytime! STOP BEING LAZY AND BE IT!!

Have a Great Day and …

Live, Love, Laugh,


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