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Full Frost Moon

It’s going to be a fun night all!! It’s full moon time once again!

There is a full moon every 30 days each with its own nickname. This one is called the Frost Full Moon. The nicknames of the full moon goes by the seasons and this one is letting you know it’s getting colder outside and frost is imminent. There are many other names for this moon as well but this is the most fitting.

Did you know the full moon doesn’t give off any light. It only looks like it’s glowing, it’s actually a reflection that you see.

Each full moon you should ask yourself “What have you accomplished since the last full moon?”

The full moon represents completion and fulfillment. This full moon is in Taurus right now which means its time to treat yourself well.

This full moon also is happening in Mercury Retrograde which usually means issues with communication since Mercury stands for Communication. However, because of its transiting the sun yesterday and some other placements it’s actually a positive experience this time. You shouldn’t have to worry about communication issues.

These last two days have been amazing days in the astrological world. First we had Mercury Transiting the Sun on 11/11 and now the Full Moon the day after on 11/12!

It’s an amazing time to start awakening to your spiritual side. I know I’ve had a blast in this journey. I learn so many new things each day it’s really given my life purpose and I’m so glad I finally found my gifts.

This year is a year of Enlightenment and 🤩 My Path is LIT UP!

Live, Love, Laugh,


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