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A couple of years ago, I started having major mood swings. I could go from feeling amazing one minute and the next feeling down in the dumps. I never thought that this could mean that I was an Empath. However, I didn’t even know what an Empath was at this time!

I went to doctors who did tests on me and gave me all sorts of anti-anxiety and anti-depressants to help with my fibromyalgia and chronic fatigue syndrome. Yet, that still didn’t explain to me the erratic changes I was experiencing when people would come into my life both physically and emotionally. However, thought they were going to diagnose me with bipolar disorder because that’s how up and down my feelings were.

Has this ever happened to you? You are out having the time of your life with your friends and then all of a sudden on a person or event happens and it ruins the rest of your night?

Wake-Up Call

My wake up call was when my best friend was going through a situation and I ended up being more upset than she was about a subject. Why didn’t she feel the same way? She was the one getting screwed over by this issue, not me. Yet, I was the one feeling the brunt of the heartache and pain.

That was the day I started going down the rabbit hole of self-development and learning more about my inner being. I was looking for answers finally Eureka!! There was an answer to what I was going through. I read and studied a lot about Highly Sensitive People (HSP) called an Empath.

what’s An Empath?

Empaths are highly sensitive people who can sense what others around them are thinking or feeling, including people, animals, places, things, and elements in the environment. Empaths can even feel the physical pain of others. This can be an extremely draining gift. Once you learn to harness it can be beneficial to you.

The only people I have a hard time reading are narcissists. Have you ever gotten confused by them? I know I do, I married two of them. Oops, since they are complete polar opposites of us, Empaths.

Energy Sucking Vampires

There are some questions you will want to ask yourself. Are you a magnet for energy-sucking vampires? Do everyday tasks challenge you? Are you feeling like you are not good enough? Do you have self-esteem issues? Are your nerves get frayed by noises, smells, excessive talking? Do you try to quiet your mind with substances? The list goes on and on πŸ€—

It can take me a few days sometime to recover from negative people while I am running errands, going to social events, even social media. Don’t get me started on Holidays!

Therefore, some people call Empaths lazy because they don’t understand what we go through in our everyday lives. Most are introverts. We have very high standards for helping people even to our own detriment. Empaths need to be aware of who they let into their inner circle.

Empaths are like sponges soaking up all the energies of others, which can be draining. However, you can also use this to your advantage.

One of the biggest issues Empaths have to be careful of is substance abuse. You have to be stronger and look at this gift, which some people that are not in the proper mindset would call it a curse.

If a person who has been physically, emotionally, verbally abused can do it you can too!Β I am proud to say that nothing ever broke me to the point of giving up!!Β This is not to throw me a pity party!Β 

Anyone Is Strong As Long As They Have The Proper Mindset

Above all, I am sharing this to show everyone, there are other ways of dealing with hurt and pain.Β I am no saint, and I dealt with some of my experiences in not healthy ways, but drugs were never being one of them.

In other words, the more and more you go down the rabbit hole the more and more you start seeing things you never would’ve noticed! I keep learning new techniques each day !

14 of My Most Important Tips

#1: You Need To ID What Drains You

#2: Bubble YourSelf Up (Protect Yourself)

#3: Don’t Let Negative Thoughts Invade Your Mind

#4: Positive Affirmations (Have These Readily Available)

#5: Ground YourSelf (Kick Off Your Shoes and Put Them On The Earth)

#6: Forgive In Your Heart

#7: Let YourSelf Feel The Emotions and Release Them (Cry, Get Angry, Scream…)

#8: Create a Comfy Space

#9: Schedule “Me Time”

#10: Eat Well (Moderation Is Everything)

#11: Meditation (Stops the Resistance and MindTalk)

#12: Cleanse Your Chakras (You Can Use Crystals As Tools)

#13: TAKE RESPONSIBILITY!!!! The World Is Not Going To Accommodate You! YOU GOT THIS! You Can Manage It and Empower Yourself!


Being an Empath isn’t easy but learning what works best for you and trust me once you learn to navigate this. YOU WILL SOON REALIZE YOU HAVE BEEN GIVEN THE BEST GIFT EVER!!!


Live, Love, Laugh


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