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We are going through some different times right now, but know once the storm passes there will be a rainbow afterward.

Be generous, Kind, & Safe

If you are high risk, make sure to take extra precautions. Please listen to the rules set in place for us. So we can discontinue the spread of this virus and the flu.

Let’s kick this thing and get on with our daily lives once it’s deemed safe. Have fun with your family and stay at home as much as possible. If you see essential workers give them a big huge THANK YOU because they are putting their lives at risk to aid us.

North Dakota Proud

I recognize in the state of ND since we are let’s be honest kind of behind the times in the tech world. I gotta give a big shout out to everyone that stepped up to the plate to make sure systems are in place for schooling and keeping some businesses open for curbside pickup.

Proactive Vs Reactive

We genuinely need to ensure we are proactive in things and not reactive, though. And then hopefully, this is a little kick in the rear to get systems in place for catastrophic events. I’m also one that doesn’t plan too far ahead, but I’ll make sure to have a bit of extras just in case.

Many lives have been lost. However, we can most certainly ensure the spread stops. As we move on with the knowledge and power we need to fight if anything like this ever happens again. 

Live, Love, Laugh,


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