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Woman Meditating on a Rock

I get asked all the time, Twila since you are into meditating now what do you listen to when you are meditating. So I’m going to share my newest meditation video I listen to every AM before I get out of bed.

I’m also going to start staring at a flame of a candle too but I haven’t started that procedure yet. I’m going to finish this one first.

Meditation for 21 days

You have to listen for 21 days to get the maximum results. It takes some practice, but once you get going it works really well; for me anyway. If it doesn’t work for you go back to YouTube and see what else they have:) There are so many different ones to choose from. Have fun with it don’t be stressed if you cannot get deep into meditation, it takes a bit to be able to get to that state but once you do you’ll know.

One thing, DO NOT FALL ASLEEP!! That means that you are not meditating you are resting and that’s different. If you tend to fall asleep don’t do the meditating lying down. Instead, sit in a nice comfy chair with a back and start that way at first. It’s really up to you how you position yourself whatever works but the one thing that makes it way more powerful is putting your hands over your heart!! This is important to do these meditations from the ♥️

Have a great day and make sure to …

Live, Laugh, Love


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