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Sleep Paralysis: Psychic Empath

How Do You Know If You Are a Psychic Empath?

One night lying in my bed sleeping. I saw a being at the foot end of my bed. It was dressed in a black cape. I was startled and then I was awakened as the entity kept getting closer and closer to me. It was floating above me as I am screaming my head off. No one is helping me though, why not??? I had no idea this was a sign that I could be a Psychic Empath.

What Is That Being?

I could now feel the weight of this being on top of me as I am screaming, it covers my mouth to the point where its hand was covering both my mouth and my nose. I am not able to breathe. It is so scary. What is happening?? I look over and the person laying next to me is sound asleep!! How can that be?? Finally, I break free and now I am pissed off.

Why isn’t anyone helping me? I am now screaming again and saying please help me, please help me! This would last for what seemed like an eternity but probably in real-time, I would say 10 to 15 min. I wake up completely and I would be so upset because no one saved me from the horror. If I tried to go back to bed that night, I would end up right back there.

I didn’t realize what was happening, this would happen no matter where I was; in my own home, at my mom’s, at a friend’s house. I never knew what night I would be visited by this thing. It was scary even going to bed some nights because I never knew if this would be the night or not.

What Is Sleep Paralysis?

LISTEN UP MY DEAR FRIENDS IF YOU CAN RELATE!! IT IS A REAL THING! This type of paranormal state is called Sleep Paralysis! WOW! Finally, after over a decade, I have a name for it. I am telling this story now as I am going through a Deepened Spiritual Awakening, which I believe started very minutely in August of 2006.

I remember it very well because I was healing from heart surgery at the time. The doctors accidentally tore my femoral artery and I almost bled out. If they didn’t catch it on time; which is another blog I will have to write down the road, I wouldn’t be here to share my story today. I don’t like that word! STORY! It makes it sound like it is make-believe, but it is the TRUTH.

NDE (Near Death Experience)

It is so true when you go through a near-death experience like I have multiple times since the age of five! I get it now! This is when things start changing in your life.

When this first happened at the age of five though, I didn’t realize it that much because I was so young yet, still in my imagination pure positive energy life. I have been through, let’s say too many to list. 😱 Let’s see, when I was five, they tried to take me off of life support twice after my open-heart surgery and my heart wouldn’t start beating on its own. In 2006, which I just explained above, the last one was in 2019. I went in for a barium test and my heart stopped beating and I quit breathing and I was technically a goner. They only used the knuckle on my chest to wake me up, but I was still gone. That is the day where I am pretty sure all of my deeper knowledge of what was happening to me came to fruition.

I started opening my mind more and more this last year and started on my path of knowing the deeper understanding of the meaning of life and have been studying the Law of Attraction for the last 10 months now, which lead to my realization that I was more gifted than I had anticipated. I am not only an Empath but I am also a Psychic Empath.

Do You Have These Abilities?

I have abilities I wasn’t aware and knew they were there I just wasn’t open to learning more about them, I guess until this past year. I am a Clairsentience, Claircognizance, Channeling (not in the way you would think of) When I write blogs or do a video on YouTube I go into what they call a Flow State.


I have the deepest empathy for helping people that I never really understood before. I knew I cared I didn’t know what that really meant. Now I know that I am not going to SHADOW myself. I am going to shout from the rooftops who I am! I AM AN PSYCHIC EMPATH WITH A DEEPER FEELING AND KNOWING AND I AM THE PERSON I CAME TO THIS EARTH TO BE!

If you are having any of these types of paranormal things happening in your life, I would love to hear more and have you share with our readers about them because there are so many magical things happening in our universe, especially now and leading into 2020. It would be great to hear others’ points of view.


Live, Love, Laugh,


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  1. Jenna

    Wow Twila, it really makes sense now. All the NDE you’ve had. You’ve got a deeper connection to the other side and are here with a great purpose. Thanks so much for sharing. Love you soul sister xoxo

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