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Hi, My Name is Twila Seekins aka Twylight:)

I am a Home-Based Business Consultant with Multiple Home-Based Business Solutions and One of My Main Goals is to Enlighten People’s Minds, Bodies, and Souls!

I am a Entrepreneur and Business Consultant who is going through her Spiritual Awakening.

Twylight specializes in home-based business consulting with multiple streams of home-based business solutions. If you are interested in learning more about the opportunities, please go to my Services to check out the amazing ways you too, could Be Your Own Boss.

My blog will be dedicated more towards my journey into the Law of Attraction and my Spiritual Awakening. However, there will always be business blogs as well because I cannot help shout from the rooftops being my own boss.

I found my passion this year and it is helping people with business and life problems. I am a solutionist with a flair for the unknown.

You have to have passion for what you do. That is one of the faults of many working outside the home as well. How will you flourish if you don’t have the drive to work your business?

I have been going through my awakening since 2006, little by little. I had always been an intuitive person even as a little girl. But I wasn’t open to receiving it back then. I have had multiple near-death experiences (NDE) and I believe that is when my path started to get brighter and brighter of who I really am.

My mom bought me this book called The Success Principles by Jack Canfield and it was one of the catalysts to my passion. I wanted to help people. I knew that much, but how???

I am excited to start on this journey! I have been blogging for the last few months now on another site but thought it was time to really invest in my writing. I am also a YouTuber as well:) Kind of just getting my feet wet over on that platform.

I am also really into crystal healing and alternative remedies. I am pretty much a natural girl. I was vegan for four years and for some reason I decided to veer off the summer of this year. I am going to do everything in moderation because I do not like labels and do not want to put myself in a box.

I cannot wait for this journey to keep unfolding, remember the key to anything in life is to stop thinking/saying what you don’t want because then you aren’t telling the Universe what you really do want. The Universe doesn’t understand negation. We will dive into this topic and many many more.

Please check out Twylights Solutions’ main page:) There you will find some tips on how to start being your own boss. Reach out to me via Facebook Messenger or Contact Form and I will consult you on which one will work the best for you.

Look forward to helping you make the right decision for you and your family:)

Live, Love, Laugh