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Twylight’s StoryTime

Hi there, my name is Twila aka Twylight, I am from the great state of North Dakota. Being a solutionist for the flare of the unknown, I found my passion this last year. Are you going through some issues in life and need a little helping hand? Are you going through issues in regards to finding your path in life? I can help you navigate through.

This blog’s main focus will be on my journey into the Law of Attraction and my own experiences during my spiritual awakening. Yet, knowing that there will always be business-related blogs because it is my passion to help people in business and life..

We are all unique beings, and what makes one person special might not be the other’s cup of tea. You have to have passion for what you do. You will fall into a rut if you don’t have passion for your business or life. How will you flourish if you don’t have the drive to work your business? Passion + Drive = Success.

Going through my awakening has been a process that started in 2006. It started slowly, but the more years go by the stronger it has gotten. Having many near-death experiences has drawn me closer and closer to my life’s gift.

In 2019, my mom bought me this book called The Success Principles by Jack Canfield, and it was one of the catalysts into my true passion. Helping people is my passion; I knew that much, but how?? Now, what platform do I use to attain this need?

WRITING!!! When I was younger, I wrote poems for my crush, but never realized how much I loved to write until I started writing about my spiritual awakening. You try to write a blog or on a topic, you don’t know. GOOD LUCK!! So once it clicked, everything just fell into place .

I love crystals and alternative remedies. If you see me at a doctor’s office, you know I am very sick and cannot heal myself. I am a natural girl and went vegan for over four years, and for some reason, I decided to veer off that path, but I am slowly getting back on track. Most of my products at home are NON-GMO, vegan, plant-based, and fluoride-free.

I cannot wait for this journey to keep unfolding, remember the key to anything in life is to stop thinking/saying what you don’t want because then you aren’t telling the Universe what you do want. The Universe doesn’t understand negation. I will explain more when we start diving in deeper.

Are you interested in learning more about career opportunities? Please go to my Services page and check out the amazing ways you too could be your own boss? (Update: This page is under construction, but will be back with some new ventures.)

Reach out to me via Facebook Messenger or Contact Form, and I will consult you on which one will work the best for you. Look forward to helping you make the right decision for you and your family.

Live, Love, Laugh, Twylight